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Only 10 minutes walk from San Juan Cathedral, this is another spot where you want to be to watch a surreal sunset by the water. As you cross the gate coming from the cathedral, this gate opens up to the beautiful water-front and a pier. Casa Blanca: Located on the western end of Calle San Sebastián, Casa Blanca was the ancestral home of Puerto Rico’s first Governor Ponce de Leon family. Calle de Fortaleza: The western end of Calle de Fortaleza used to be known as the umbrella street, but now is decorated with white butterflies above the street. But the outer white edifice of the cathedral tells me the inside must be as elegant as its outside. San Juan Cathedral/El Catedral de San Juan Bautista: Located on Calle Cristo, San Juan Cathedral is also from the 16th century. We saw it on our way to see Paseo De La Princesa from San Juan Cathedral.

The statue in the middle of the fountain at Plaza De La Princesa represents that Puerto Rican people are a blend of three different cultures. Three proud people in one. You have the sea on one side and the city on the side and with green pasture in the front… The small plaza in front of the church was quite peaceful in the morning which is surrounded by plenty of restaurants and bars on the other side of the street. We couldn’t go inside this church from the early 16th century but this is the second oldest church in continuous use in the New World. La Fortaleza here is the oldest governor’s mansion in continuous use in the New World. The home was built somewhere in the early 1500s and is the oldest residence of San Juan. Located in the most northwestern point of San Juan El Morro was the key to defend San Juan and its harbor for almost 400 years. Castillo San Felipe Del Morro: Also known as El Morro, (means the Headland – a high point of land that extends into a body of water), is a 16th century citadel that was built over a span of 250 years to guard the strategic and beautiful San Juan’s harbor.

Ollantaytambo which is a popular starting point for the four-day trek to Machu Picchu. Over the course of the Republican period, the cena developed into two courses: the main course and a dessert with fruit and seafood (e.g. molluscs, shrimp). Geopolitically, Phocis was the country of the Phocians, who spoke their own version of Doric Greek, one of the three main dialects of ancient Greek. A refinement of the Doric column is the entasis, a gentle convex swelling to the profile of the column, which prevents an optical illusion of concavity. Pickling itself features two styles – fermented and vinegar. The square is decorated with an impressive fountain in the middle that features Puerto Rico’s city coats of arms. It will also have ‘live’ features like an aquarium, ceramic and earthenware items, as well as flowers. If you buy ticket to El Morro, that would cover San Cristobal as well. ’t go inside El Morro, just being there will give you some breathtaking scenery of the surroundings. Use this article as your guide and you could get the assurance that every aspect was being attended to. If they aren’t drilling you with 101 questions about your corporate structure, future announcements, executive pedigree and other ammo for a real campaign then they are most likely pump and dump artists or all together worthless and for the love of god get proof of their track record by obtaining stock symbols for companies they’ve worked with in the past six months and get the dates that they’ve worked with the companies, then go back on your brokerage account and use the graph system to track the stock performance.

This was definitely worth a visit since I got to see some paintings and sculptures by the local artists. One of our friends requested the guard to let us in for 5 minutes just to see the surroundings. The ticket was $6 per person and took about an hour and half to see all the exhibitions. We couldn’t really go inside as multiple weddings were taking place while we were there. When we were there, there were lots of vendors selling their hand-made trinkets. When we went back there the next day during day time, this same place gets crowded with lots of cars and people. To decide on the rewards credit card that works fo you, check out this list of all the best travel credit cards in one place. That was probably one of the best times to check out its serenity… Even though cryotherapy sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, the treatment is not new. When all was said and done, the group banged out a full-length album of merciless blues, funk, and rock and roll. The extensive hillside, once a battlefield, in front of the citadel is a popular place for kite flying.