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The new Gemini product was designed in response to customer requests for reduced OIS camera thickness. Gemini is said to reduce SMA OIS actuator thickness by more than 70%, to enable the world’s slimmest OIS smartphone cameras. GlobeNewsWire: Hutchinson expects to begin shipping prototypes of a new Cambridge Mechatronics’ Shape Memory Alloy Optical Image Stabilization (SMA OIS) actuator to tier 1 camera module manufacturers in early August. Building on the value users place on “selfie” photos, Hutchinson Technology is also developing SMA OIS designs to improve front-facing camera image quality. Light’s TLens is said to be the first reflowable autofocus actuated lense with no moving parts and has “extremely small size (4.2mm x 4.2mm x 0.5mm), while achieving high optical quality (megapixel independent and HD compatible)”. The deposition itself is performed by a single, custom tool that combines spin-coating and CVD deposition technologies into one machine for the first time.

Backed up with a service guarantee that has stood the test of time for thirty years, customer satisfaction is assured. The transaction, which is expected to close in Q3 2012, if not sooner, includes existing customer contracts and a lease to an approximately 135,000-square-foot facility. The transaction also includes an intellectual property assignment and license agreement, and a transition services agreement. Flextronics will retain a portion of Vista Point Technologies assets, but repurpose them and focus engineering talent toward “strengthening its ability to deliver manufacturing services”. The economy is defined as the state of a country or area in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money. Calculate the total production over the year. DOC anticipates that the business will have a capacity to manufacture approximately 50M camera module units per year. These offices have the correct group to work out the specialized subtle elements to finish the activity at fast speed too.

However, one important thing to be aware of is that what are the elements of the most common legal theories that are used in product liability claims? They can be, however, as expensive as the natural Opal, due to the long growing process (up to 2 years!). The manufacturing facility, called QFAB3, is said to feature an unprecedented sub-5nm process geometry within an ISO Class 10 cleanroom. DOC’s steps in the past year have included hiring more than a dozen executives and managers who have experience in engineering scale-up as well as in manufacturing at similar facilities. “All the steps could fit within one shipping container. One of the most important and all encompassing turning points in history was the Industrial Revolution. Sony will position Yamagata TEC as a new site for one phase of the image sensor wafer production process, alongside its existing Kagoshima Technology Center, Kumamoto Technology Center, and Nagasaki Technology Center sites.

It is currently in volume production. The new 12″ production line will further extend SMIC and TSES’s business scopes,” said Mike Rekuc, EVP of SMIC Worldwide Sales and Marketing. Vinoo Margasahayam, senior product marketing manager at OmniVision, quoting June 2011 TSR report. Conducting market research before creating and marketing your product will give you an idea if it’s going to fly. This would give a clear idea on the product that you are about to buy. InVisage’s product wafers are first manufactured by nearby TSMC and then transferred to QFAB3 for QuantumFilm deposition. This is said to be the first of many facilities to come as InVisage increases its capacity aiming to QuantumFilm technology to become the new standard for cameras. InVisage has inaugurated its first high-volume, fully automated QuantumFilm sensor manufacturing facility in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Asian locations, we chose to establish our high-volume manufacturing in Taiwan because of the vitality of the semiconductor ecosystem here, and in particular because of our partnership with TSMC,” said InVisage’s CEO, Jess Lee. If a consumer feels they had a problem with the product, does it seem like the kind of problem that is likely to be repeated or to be of particular concern to you?